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this is how a heart breaks

Just through these simple interactions, you form a bond which is something that you cant do with a passive medium like film or a book. As you start playing the game you’ll see Joel isn’t necessarily a good guy, and Ellie isn’t necessarily the righteous one throughout the journey. They’re just trying to survive. Its more about this idea of do the ends justify the means. I think we’ve really created a bond unlike anything you’ve seen in a video game before. - Neil Druckmann.

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Ryan the mask guy.

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Atla Meme - Six Quotes

I don’t have sob stories like all of you. I could sit here and complain how our mom liked Zuko more than me, but I don’t really care. My own mother… Thought I was a monster. She was right, of course, but it still hurt  [2/6] - Azula - The Beach

Make me choose: Joel or Lee

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Are you a top or a bottom?


Chaotic Neutral 


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Samus Aran - Created by Justin Currie


Samus Aran - Created by Justin Currie

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